ANJ Deck Company Chicago Best Exterior Power Washing and Cleaning

ANJ Deck Company Chicago provides power-washing and cleaning services for your deck, balcony or porch area. Finding clean external surfaces is hard, since there is always a lot more debris, grime and pollution, compared to indoor areas that can be easily swept, vacuumed and mopped up on a daily basis. Outdoor decks and porches typically also have lots more dust, dirt and other stains that are deeply engrained within the wood.

ANJ Deck Company Chicago typically only cleans porches and decks once we’ve structurally repaired them. Depending on the state of your wood and desired result you are looking to achieve, we will use the highest quality Benjamin Moore prep products and cleaners as well as power-washing or pressure-washing tools to deep clean your deck. After the pre-soak has been left on your deck for about 30 minutes, ANJ Deck Company Chicago is ready to lift the dirt and stains with power-washing tools.