Best Deck Staining Services Chicago ANJ #1 Deck Repair Contractors

Deck Repair Contractors can restore natural beauty to your wooden deck by the use of Deck Staining Services. stains and paints. ccyour deck is a crucial part of any woodwork project and each type of stain will provide a different finish.

There are numerous Deck Staining Services available that will help to restore, brighten or protect your deck, depending on the desired result needed.

Staining your deck or porch will give you the most natural look (versus paint), since stains bring out the natural warm tones in the wood.

Once Deck Repair Contractors has selected your base stain, here are some categories of stains to consider:


Clear stains are completely transparent and highlight the wood’s natural beauty. However, due to the lack of pigment within the stain, it cannot tolerate direct sunshine and the impact from harmful UV rays.

It is typically the pigment in a colored stain that provides UV protection on your deck.

Semi Transparent

Semi-transparent stains do have a slight pigment within them adding that UV protection for your deck, while still allowing the natural grain of the wood to shine through. Semi-transparent stains just add a richer color to the natural base wood.

Solid Stain
Solid stains completely cover the wood with pigment and work best for decks and porches that receive little to no direct sunlight.

Ultimately, you need to consider the type of wood, previous wood treatment, and weather exposure when it comes to selecting a stain.

Your Deck Repair Contractors will work with you to determine the best type of stain to use, given your situation and needs.