ANJ Deck Company Chicago Deck Builders Chicago & Deck Staining

If your deck is in a really bad condition, ANJ Deck Company Chicago will strip back completely the old paint/stain to bare wood.

We uses pre-soaks on your deck and patio in this case to help activate the cleaners and stain strippers making it easy to remove old paint/stain.

Once your deck and porch areas have been cleaned and cleared of dust, debris and grime, the area is ready for the application of sealants, stains and other finishing products.

ANJ Deck Company Chicago can also sand sections that you plan to paint or stain; this may not seem like a necessary step,

But it provides a better surface for the finishing product to adhere to and it removes any dead wood fibers.

Sanding also helps open up the pores of the wood to allow it to soak up the staining products. We are all biodegradable and environmentally friendly.