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We make your outdoor living space perfect!

Every home looks better with a patio, porch, or deck. You will love the deck when it comes to entertaining guests, holding a barbecue, taking a nap, reading, or whatever you may want to do. The problem is that this space is always faced with the ruthlessness of the elements. Snow, rain, and even strong winds can make the deck damaged. This is where our professional deck repair Northbrook services step in to make your space shine.

Common Deck Problems To Expect

Over the duration of their lifespan, all decks end up affected by problems. There are several that exist and that can be solved through options like deck power washing Winnetka or deck staining in Barrington. The very common ones you should be aware of are the following:

- Boards start to be pliant
- Wood becomes rotten, cracked, or loose
- Deck handrails are loose
- Deck structure can cause erosion or drainage issues
- Concrete footings or support posts are weak and aged
- Vermin or rodents caused problems

Services Offered

Every single one of the problems mentioned above can be fixed by our professional repairmen. We also offer more, like deck painting in Wilmette, deck staining in Barrington, deck power washing Winnetka, deck sealing and waterproofing Lake Forest.

Contact us and a specialist will come to your property. Then, they will inspect what damage is present to then perform deck repairs needed. The goal is always to make sure the deck is safe, beautiful, and usable. All deck fixtures can also be repaired, like built-in barbecues, fire pits, and sitting areas. After our professional repairmen finished the repair, a new coat of stain or paint will be applied. Repair services available include all needed tasks for decks, like:

- Railing replacement
- Board replacement
- Footing installation
- Window repair
- Screen repair, drainage issues
- Stair replacement

You can also expect:

- Refinishing - When the wooden deck surface is not as it should be, professional refinishing can do the trick. You can thus have a restored look for the wooden deck, which makes it looks as if it were new.

- Updating or fixing deck railings - All deck railings are vital for the safety of your family and your guests. Whenever deck railings are no longer safe, they have to be repaired.

- Deck structure or foundation repair - When there is extensive damage present in the deck, our professional deck repair Northbrook repairmen can help.

- Re-decking - This process replaces the surface of the deck with some new boards.

Should You Repair Or Replace The Deck?

There are several situations in which it costs the same or more to repair the deck as opposed to replacing it. There might be some decks that are still sound from a structural point of view but, when they are older than 10 years, there is a very good possibility a replacement will soon be needed.

Our specialists will let you know if deck repair Northbrook is enough or you could do enough with just services like deck sealing and waterproofing Lake Forest, deck staining in Barrington, deck painting in Wilmette, or deck power washing Winnetka.